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  • Showcase Sendoff

    ​Please join us for Showcase Send off on Sunday, 4/28 at 7pm!  Thrive gym in Annapolis...Come see our amazing teams in action!  
  • Sr 2 Explosion

    Sr 2 Explosion takes 2nd Place at Bowie State last Saturday with a Sr Level 2 routine!  Great job to all of our athletes!!!
  • CheerStarz Winner

    Jr SHOCK had a great Saturday at Cheer Starz with a 1st Place and Club Zero outine!!  Keep pushing ladies, you have come so far! Very proud of o... More
  • 2019-2020 Try Out

    If you are looking for an All Star Program to take your skills to the MAX, come try out for our program!!!!  We can't wait to see you there!... More
  • Explosion at The FINALE

    We are sp PROUD of Sr 2 for taking home 2nd Place and CLUB ZERO at this two day event this weekend!  Great Job !!!!!
  • MAX At Hershey

    Max Sr Explosion takes 3rd Place at Mardi Gras and Jr Shock takes 6th Place!  Making lots of changes due to illness and injury 2 days before the... More

    MAX Sr Explosion takes home 1st Place at WSF Liberty Bell Championship in Philly!  They received CLub 0 and a great score!  Jr Shock received 6t... More
  • Cheer and Dance Extreme First State

    All 3 MAX teams competed at CDE's First State! Sr. Explosion~ 3rd Place, Jr Shock~5th Place and Mini Flurry~ Participation Award!!  Great jo... More
  • MAX Cheer takes on Philly Live!!!!

    Sr Explosion and Jr Shock doing great things at Philly Live!!!  Jr Shock receiving 3rd Place and Sr Explosion receiving 2nd Place~ Great Job!!!!... More
  • Shock and Explosion UCA!

    A first ever for MAX Cheer- UCA Tom's River, NJ!!  Sr Explosion~ 2nd Place, BID to UCA International Championship in Orlando, BID to US FIna... More
  • CDE Grand Champions!!!!

    Our Senior Explosion was on FIRE at CDE in OC, Maryland!!  They received PAID BID to THE ONE and THE FINALE, GRAND ELITE CHAMPOINS and BEST PYRA... More
  • Welcome

    Welcome to our new website. We are excited for the upcoming season!