• Cheer and Dance Extreme First State

    All 3 MAX teams competed at CDE's First State! Sr. Explosion~ 3rd Place, Jr Shock~5th Place and Mini Flurry~ Participation Award!!  Great job to all our athletes!!!!!  
  • MAX Cheer takes on Philly Live!!!!

    Sr Explosion and Jr Shock doing great things at Philly Live!!!  Jr Shock receiving 3rd Place and Sr Explosion receiving 2nd Place~ Great Job!!!!!  
  • Shock and Explosion UCA!

    A first ever for MAX Cheer- UCA Tom's River, NJ!!  Sr Explosion~ 2nd Place, BID to UCA International Championship in Orlando, BID to US FInals!  Jr Shock~ 5th Place and BID to UCA Internaltional Championship ... More